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May 28 2021

As an independent artist I wrote, recorded, mixed (or attempted anyways), pressed, and released my debut LP - The Program all on my own. There was so much I learned as I went along the journey of creating that album, that I never stopped to think about what I didn't know.

This is part of the reason I wanted to build this site. If I made these mistakes, I'm sure there were others that took similar paths. It's to that last point that I wanted to build this as a place where exposure and discovery are part of the experience.

Welcome to the revolution!
May 10 2021

With the rise of the internet, artists and content creators have been able to transform their lives in ways unthinkable. Spotlights have been placed in all corners of the world thanks to the web, and while many have been able to carve their own paths of destiny - truthfully some aspects of big business interceding should come as no surprise.

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