With the rise of the internet, artists and content creators have been able to transform their lives in ways unthinkable. Spotlights have been placed in all corners of the world thanks to the web, and while many have been able to carve their own paths of destiny - truthfully some aspects of big business interceding should come as no surprise.

We know that business is done to make money. We also know that music is meant to be heard. As an aspiring musical artist, over the last 24 years, I've often wondered "how does business continue to get in the way of my music being heard?"

When I was younger, I got to witness a rare experience, watching my aunt use her voice to ascend into billboard's top 100. I got to see the world embrace her music and success. For the first in my life, I actually saw someone I knew on TV, being covered in the news, and interviewed by the press.

Then one day, it all stopped. Years later, once I finally asked, I learned that business essentially killed a budding career. Without getting into details, this revelation soured my belief in the dream of making it as an artist.

As much as I enjoyed writing songs, performing, and producing music, I could not rely on the music business to be fair and sound. For better or worse, I made a determination to be independent. I would have control over what I produced, how I produced it, and when it would be done. I could work with who I wanted, and I could do things based on my own creative vision.

The cost of that freedom, learned years later - without a connection into the music business, getting your foot into the spotlight was a whole different story.

Production. Writting. Recording. Mixing. Mastering. Pressing CDs. For my debut album - I did it all myself. But how do you submit a song to radio as a single? Why won't the station manager take my call, let alone even listen to my song? How do I get the music stores to order my content? When it was all said and done - My first week, I sold 9 copies.  That's when the words of Bootie Brown hit me like a fist to the face: "It's a business. The record companies are quick to end the fantasy you’re trapped in..." I came to the realization that I can't do this on my own.

Fast forward to the age of high-speed internet, free music apps, and social media promotion – and it is still a challenge to be heard in a sea full of voices. Other platforms advertised and marketed to me for discovery as an indie artist; are populated with content from established artists backed by major music companies. With record labels present on these platforms in full force, how do I stand out?

These are the things that have all led to the idea of this platform as a site and as a service. I'm sure every artist can relate to just wanting their music to be heard. As artist, we all have something to say, and I want to make it as easy as possible to say it through this platform.

While there's a lot more for me to say and expand upon, I have to break it up, or I'll be here all night!

It is with great honor and open arms that I Welcome you all to Mad Funk Entertainment!