As an independent artist I wrote, recorded, mixed (or attempted anyways), pressed, and released my debut LP - The Program all on my own. There was so much I learned as I went along the journey of creating that album, that I never stopped to think about what I didn't know.

I put the music out and waited for the world to fall in love with it - or hate it. I didn't care as long I was heard. In the end, after checking statistics and going through various metrics, I couldn't believe my eyes. Nothing. Not a single sale. After two years of work, how was it that I didn't have people lining up to get the music I had worked so hard to create and deliver?

That was how I learned the importance of promotion. My next project, Judges, did much better with a promo campaign that surpassed my debut project by over 300%. But how impressive was that sales and performance increase compared to the previous album that sold nothing?

By the time I completed my third album - Nimrod (later changed to More) I really struggled with the best approach to use to promote it, that I never actually released it! I laugh now thinking of how I shelfed my own album, but the promotion of music was an aspect that I never had time to learn.

As I listen to those first three project, I hear the improvement in quality - but what good does consistent improvment mean with no audience to showcase the end result with?

This is part of the reason I wanted to build this site. If I made these mistakes, I'm sure there were others that took similar paths. It's to that last point that I wanted to build this as a place where exposure and discovery are part of the experience.

I open the door so that artists looking to get heard, have a place to call home & belong. The site is in an open alpha so feel free to register, login, play music, create playlists, register your artist profiles, and upload your original music. Content creators - We are working to get overlays added so you can share what you are listening to with your viewers!

In the meantime check out Site Updates for a rundown of what's been changed and addressed.

Peace and Funk!
~ Warren "Mista Wicket" Andrus