So It's been over a year since my last update, and things have changed in terms of the scope I wanted to aim for - pun intended. I simply wasn't able to convince other artists that I know IRL to participate in sharing their music. As of now, I'll be using the site to showcase my music content. 

The downside is not getting to share the platform with other artists as I intended. That also means missing out on discovering a lot of the amazing talent in the world. While I'm bummed out, I always believed in the idea of not placing all of my eggs in one basket.


The current album projects have now shifted. I will still most likely release Mad Funk, but I also decided to invest in building another project for the upcoming video game project - "The Circuit" - a 3D customizable fighting game - currently in development using Unreal Engine 5.


So far, the soundtrack includes me, Reina Mystique, Odili Ifeanyi, and Tsuyo97. Upon completion and release - it will be availible here and via all other music outlets afterwards.